PPLE Graduation 2022

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On 18 July, we celebrate PPLE’s graduates of 2022, how far they have come already, and how far they will continue to go.

Reaching the milestone of graduation depends on many things, such as intelligence, perseverance, grit. At PPLE, we believe that money should not be one of them.

That is why we are launching a new scholarship fund. With this fund, we want to allow bright minds to study at PPLE College, irrespective of their financial background. We are building a support system to back these students throughout their studies - financially and practically.

The good news? You can become one of the first to make this possible! Support the fund by making a donation now.

Every donation, however big or small, helps a future PPLE student to follow in the ’22-graduates’ footsteps!

Building a new fund for bright minds
Students who have the potential and motivation to study at PPLE College should be given this opportunity, regardless of their families' financial circumstances. As such, scholarships shall be awarded merit and need based. The scholarship will enable students to concentrate fully on their studies instead of worrying how they can afford to pay for them.

We plan to realise this objective step by step by gradually building up our new fund. For cost and practicality reasons, we will start with Dutch scholarship recipients who will begin their studies at PPLE College in the 2023-2024 academic year. In the long run, the plan is to not only support applicants from The Netherlands but also from abroad, and to increase the number of scholarships with every passing academic year.

About the Amsterdam University Fund
The PPLE Scholarship Fund is a Named Fund (in Dutch ‘fonds op naam’) and is formally under the umbrella of the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF). The Amsterdam University Fund supports students and scientists to realize their academic dreams by providing grants, awarding project subsidies, appointing endowed Professors and awarding prizes.

Contributions from individuals and companies are indispensable and make new initiatives possible that would otherwise not be able to take place. The AUF is a CBF accredited charity and has been designated by the tax authorities as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI). Donations are therefore deductible from income and corporation tax for persons liable to the Dutch tax regime.