PPLE Lustrum Merchandise


2024 marks a special year for PPLE College: not only have we moved to our new home, we are also celebrating a decade of academic success and community. As we reflect on 10 years of PPLE during our wonderful Lustrum Party, we have some additional celebratory features in store for you! And the best part of it is, all proceeds will go to the PPLE scholarship fund!

We will be selling special edition lustrum merchandise at the Lustrum Party. Get your hands on a t-shirt, sweater or cap designed especially for PPLE’s 10th anniversary! Not only does this garment symbolise PPLE as a community, it also makes for a very fashionable keepsake and hopefully brings back fond memories of your time here! All proceeds will be donated to the PPLE scholarship fund: the Bright Minds Fund.

Make a donation to the PPLE Bright Minds Fund today and get our cool merch in return!