PPLE Graduation 2023

Target reached
from €4,000 (120%)

Today we celebrate the Class of 2023, how far they have come already, and how far they will continue to go. Reaching the milestone of graduation depends on many things such as intelligence, perseverance, grit. At the Bright Minds Fund, we believe that money should not be one of them.

We provide a pathway into PPLE for talented, enthusiastic students, who otherwise would not be able to consider PPLE as an option for them. We are committed to let these students focus on their studies at PPLE, instead of financial worries. We are therefore building a support system to back these students through their studies – financially and practically.

The good news? You’re one step away from becoming part of it. You can conveniently make a donation below. Every donation, however big or small, helps a future PPLE student to follow in the ’23-graduates footsteps!

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19-07-2023 | 18:12
17-07-2023 | 22:16 Wij zijn zo bevoordeeld dat onze kleindochter de studie PPLE heeft kunnen afronden
17-07-2023 | 17:40
17-07-2023 | 16:48 Seating in the the Room filled with energy of ALL these young people coming from all over the world - and all of them being ambassadors of a new better world ..:. Of course you want to support that
17-07-2023 | 16:43